Thursday, September 16, 2010

My favorite photo-journalist from across the world

The Mongols left us more then bones and ramparts. They left us parts of their language. Not a best part, I am afraid. Those words mostly profanities.

The minor part of abuse words in a Russian/Ukrainian languages respond from the names of a pagan gods, but most part of our profanities and abuse words are from Mongols.

Originally, many were nice words the Mongols said to seduce women. For most women they were a hateful words and the meanings changed over centuries.

If Genghis Khan could rise from the grave and join us for a drinking party, we would sound to him like a bunch of friendly Mongols who telling nice words and compliments to each other. If my literature teacher would join us for the same event, she would probably faint.

Filatova Elena Vladimirovna has stared down some of the most brutal history any people have known and digs up gems the world should never forget. Her photojournal Pluto's Realm is like a slow dance into hades - you have no idea how far down you've gotten until you're staring at a picture of a doll and crying.

The Tick

"Gravity is a harsh mistress!"